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DJ Dean
28 October
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My name is Dean. I am a college - graduate (2000) who works a day gig (insurance claims) and does web design professionally (for money).

My hobbies include Djing Electronic Music (House music being my favorite - but I play all kinds) - producing such music, playing pool, golfing, designing web pages, and hanging out with my wife and kid.

I found live journal because of Julie and Jarrett and the website they co-created called www.juliecam.net.

That is a dope website, and they are good people. Jarrett is a kickass web-programmer dude and Julie is a fun and entertaining gal.

Anyway, I am here often - so feel free to add me as a friend, drop me a line, visit my hopefully soon to be updated music website www.nexussoundscapes.com and check out some tunes.