Spyware sucks the dizzle.

I just got rid of the "Cool Web Search" all by myself (knock on wood). It took me many hours, and use of Spysweeper, CW Shredder, Ad-Aware (Purchased Version) and Spybot.

I am currently in search of a Virus Scanner that will run on my 256mb of Ram Machine that won't slow it down.

Any suggestions?

First Day

I know, long time no LJ.

Anyway, It is “The Kid’s” first day of high school today. I am excited for him. He will do well. He is smart, funny, tall, and has a good attitude. I am partially responsible for some of everything but the tall part. He is a great guy. I wish him the best life has to offer.


I am hungry for fonts, but when I search online, free fonts are like "free" porn. It only exists in small quantities.

You see, when I switched from Windows 98 to XP, I lost some 600 fonts that I had loaded, and it does not seem that they are still there.

Anyone know where I can get some fonts?

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So, LJ -

It has been a while since my last post. I am just truckin' along living life and having fun in bursts.

Going to 1 or 2 weddings today. Not anyone that the LJ folks would know. Hopefully it will be a good time. I will hang out with Trisha and we will just be on a sort of date.

A Corona sounds good right now. Maybe that is because I have seen and heard a gazillion commercials for them.

A Frappuccino sounds even better, I gave up caffine well over a month ago now.

There are things that sound even better than these two things. However, they are not appropriate to mention in an online format.

Have a great weekend, folks.



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In retrospect, I had the makings of a great weekend – and enjoyed it. Friday night I saw David Spade. The opening guy was funnier, but it was great to see the little guy live – so what can I say?

Saturday, I caught a double feature, seeing “Connie and Carla” as well as a sneak preview of “13 Going on 30”.

Sunday, I cleaned house, watched the Kings beat the Mavericks on TV, and hung out.

It was a great weekend. I think that I was a little toad-ish on Sunday because I did not get outside and go anywhere. But today is Monday, and I am feeling thankful and hopeful for the week to come.

Here is the Buzz


I am feeling Mighty prolific these days. Spring Mix Part II
is now online at:


If you like techno/trance -ie - Paul Oakenfold, etc. You will dig this infusion of tracks from my trancier days.

I hope to bring some diversity to The Nexus these days. I am feeling pretty amped.

Bye the Way, today marks two weeks without Caffine!!!

Pretty good if I do say so myself.