DJ Dean (djdean) wrote,
DJ Dean

Give Love - Get Love

So I had to clean up my friends list. There were a bunch of people I did not even know on there. If there is anyone that has not replied to my posts in a while, then they are temporarily off my friends list for now.

No offense, but LJ for me is a give love - get love thing. No time for reading other people's stuff who aren't returning support. Therefore, I will be re-adding friends slowly but surely.

On other news:

My CD Recorder (the one hooked up to my 1200's) is on the fritz. Therefore, there was no Love Mix 2005 in time for Valentines day. I still plan on mixing the housey songs of love soon, but need to know what the heck is up with the CD Recorder (damn e-bay refurbished crap!).
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