Crazy Fun Weekend

Started the Weekend Friday Night with a sweet set at Pachanga.

Continued it right with a nice set at The Nichols' house, followed by some grooving to the music of Chris Nichols, Steph, and Chris Learned followed by Conrad.

Also met some fun dudes Hugh, TJ and Steve. I dug their tunes and they dug mine.

Sunday went to Old Folsom, ate at Seasons.

Monday, Had a Labor Day Barbeque. Good friends and family gathered to celebrate.

Liam still owes me a CD of sweet tracks.


I went to a Bachelor party on Friday Night. It was sweet. We rode go carts at Bradshaw (very very very fast for go carts). We then had dinner at Hoppy Brewing Company. After that, we headed to Centerfolds, and what goes on there stays there. It was a good time.

Saturday, I started the day by cleaning around the house. We then went to Elk Grove and dined at the Boulevard Bistro. Trisha thought it was great, but I would have rather spent the money at Fats or Mikuni. It was pretty good, would have been much better minus the in-laws, and plus some wine.

Sunday, I went and helped Trisha with an open house. We then went shopping at Safeway.

Much Love,


Tahoe Trip

Went to South Shore this weekend. It was awesome. The drive up was crazy. We left at around 3pm. Trisha drove us up. We had to put chains on in PLACERVILLE! It took us a while, but we finally got to the resort around 8pm. The drive was crazy. We saw a truck on the edge of a cliff outside of Placerville, some jackalopes up on a hill, and then some chick shoveling snow from her displaced truck with a snowboard.

Saturday, Julian (a.k.a. "Juley-Bob-a-reno" or "Bob") and I went to Heavenly to snowboard.

I had a great time. I will note, however that the Gondola (I think Adventure Peak) and East Peak Lodge are NOT good sized indoor lodges for a Saturday Crowd. In fact, the Gondola Side is not a great place to start for my expertise level (which is nill, I may add) Next time, we go to Sierra, or try the Stagecoach Lodge entrance.

I did install my stomp-pad, and get off the lifts rather easily with few snafus. Got new Burton boots, and this was a good thing. Still have not mastered my heel-side, which is what I need to do.

Sunday, Bob and I were too beat to snowboard, so we played some pool (as we did on Friday night as well), and then headed off to check out Zepher Cove with Trish(ita). We checked out the pier, then proceeded to check out the gift shop. We peeped out the restaurant and upon our arrival, decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Harveys instead.

Excitement was in the air (as it always is) at our arrival at Harveys. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe merchandise shop (which is on the EXACT opposite end of the casino as the restaurant), and I bought the T-Shirt. If anyone does not know this by now, I always have a few Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts in rotation, and I have the famous Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam Sweatshirt that my uncle bought me like 12 years ago.

Anyways, upon our arrival, there was a World Series of Poker Qualifying tournament going on. It was a $230.00 buy in, and looked like a good time. Top prize was a $10,000.00 buy in to the bigger tournament in Vegas.

We ate at Hard Rock Cafe, gambled (I won a bunch playing craps), played a whole bunch in the arcade where Trisha went crazy for tickets, and then checked out Caesar's (which is going to be called Montbleu casino soon). After this, we went to Safeway, and then back to the resort where Julian and I played another round of pool. We ended the night playing video games.

Monday (today), we went to check out another place to stay up the hill by Heavenly. It was nice, and very close to skiing, but not close enough to the casinos where I like to be : ). We then went to Chevy's for the second time (we went on Saturday night as well), and then drove home and washed the car.

I can't wait to go back to Tahoe. It is the Hiatus capital of Northern California/Northern Nevada.
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Liam nudged me to update, and I will do so. Christmas was wonderful, my parents came up and hung out. New years was cool. Now, I am just working and hanging out. Went to a crab feed on Friday night, hung out with Trisha, went to dinner last night. Today we will be going to the Folsom Prison Museum.

I also went to Pachanga in Folsom on Friday night to see my buddy Paul Gordon spin jazz and house music. He is there every Friday night. It is a bit pricey earlier in the evening, but the late night menu is more reasonable, and the Pachanga burger is really good.

I started school up again this week, I am not sure what the plan is, but if I can complete it by year end, then I will have my audio engineer certificate. I will have to talk to one of the instructors to get this done, as her class is during the day, and I have to work during that timeframe.

Bye the way, I got Paul Van Dyk Politics of Dancing 2 for Christmas. It is pretty sweet.

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It has been a long time since I have posted. I am feeling like posting now.

The love has never ended, and never will.

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I bought records today

I must confess, I bought some records today Online. 10 jazzy house, and 10 latin house records. Total cost about $90.00 (with shipping and tax) - which breaks down to about $4.5 bucks a record. I got to listen to some before I bought - I am sure it will be worth it. If I get 10 really good records out of the lot, I break even in my mind.

.......These are my confessions........I am a vinylholic.

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Brief Update:

1.) Work is a lot of training, and a lot of work. Dress Code is the same as Cambridge.

2.) I am busy with School, work, and web projects right now, yet find time to golf.

3.) I want a vacation....oh, wait, I am going to tahoe soon to Snowboard!!! yay.

4.) I miss my buddies at Cambridge. I still drink lattes from Starbucks.

5.) I have only drank one rockstar since I got to Sedgwick.

Give Love - Get Love

So I had to clean up my friends list. There were a bunch of people I did not even know on there. If there is anyone that has not replied to my posts in a while, then they are temporarily off my friends list for now.

No offense, but LJ for me is a give love - get love thing. No time for reading other people's stuff who aren't returning support. Therefore, I will be re-adding friends slowly but surely.

On other news:

My CD Recorder (the one hooked up to my 1200's) is on the fritz. Therefore, there was no Love Mix 2005 in time for Valentines day. I still plan on mixing the housey songs of love soon, but need to know what the heck is up with the CD Recorder (damn e-bay refurbished crap!).